DIARY 2018

This page includes some of my meetings and demonstrations


JAN 5th - High Peaks Woodturners
JAN 10th - Trent Valley Woodturners
FEB 3rd - Gwynedd Woodturners
FEB 13th - Hertfordshire s & Bedfordshire Woodturners
FEB 18th - Shropshire Association of Woodturners
FEB 19th - Worcerstershire Woodturners
FEB 24th - Axminster store at Warrington
MAR 15th - Cheshire Guild of Woodturners
APR 7th  - Garden of England Woodturners
APR 16th - Test Valley Woodturners
MAY 4th - Jorvik Woodturners
MAY 11th & 12th - Woodworks at Daventry
JUNE 1st - Mid Staffs Woodturners
JUNE 6th - Derwent Woodturners
JUNE 11th - Wigan Woodcrafts
JUNE 14th - Oxon Woodturners
JUNE 20th - Derwent Woodturners
JULY 6th - Mid Staffs Woodturners
JULY 13th - Heart of England Woodturners
AUG 9th - Huddersfield Woodtureners
AUG4th - Sandon Woodturners
SEPT 4th - Trafford & District Woodturners
SEPT 6th - Coombe Abbey Woodturners
SEPT 12th - North Wiltshire Woodturners
SEPT 29th - Axminster store at Warrington
OCT 10th - Birstall Woodturners
OCT 13th - Axminster Store at Nuneaton
OCT 25th - Tudor Rose Woodturners
NOV 3rd - Axminster Store - Cardiff
NOV 10th - Trent Valley Woodturners
NOV 27th Merseyside Woodturners
DEC 12th - Cannock Chase Woodturners
DEC 16th - West Midland Woodturners
JAN 4th - High Peaks Woodturners
FEB 24th - Axminster Store @ Warrington
MAR 20th - West Northants Woodturners
APR 16th - East Yorkshire Woodturners
APR 17th - Berkshire Woodturners
MAY 23rd - Huddersfield Woodturners
JUNE 17th - Red Rose Woodturners
SEPT 17th - Black Country Woodturners
OCT 24th - Tudor Rose Woodturners
DEC 11th - Cannock Chase Woodturners

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